LM Label Designer Workstation ADD-ON

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LM Label Designer Workstation ADD-ON

Label on the move with the LabelMax Designer Workstation! With the LabelMax Label Designer Workstation, you can bring the benefits of on-site label creation off-site. Perfect for gigantic facility-wide labeling projects or traveling off-site locations.

Viscom Label Designer Workstations are fully functioning laptop computers* that come pre-loaded with the drivers and software needed to begin using your Viscom 300X or ProMax 9 industrial label printer in minutes.

Do you have specific IT requirements that prevent you from installing printers on computers within your facility? The Label Designer Workstation is a dedicated computer for your printer and can be configured to meet your IT needs; Please contact us if you have any customization requests.

*Due to the rapidly changing technology world, Label Designer Workstation models will be updated as technology and availability allow, current to within two model years.

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