Viscom Printer Support Center

Below are all software, documents and utilities available for the Viscom line of printers. If you are experiencing an issue that these cannot solve, please reach out to us!

Last Updated: 3/30/2023 at 10:56 AM PT


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Common Questions & Topics

My printer won't turn on.

Ensure that the power cable is firmly plugged into the back of your printer. For printers with an AC adaptor, make sure the power cable and adaptor brick are firmly connected to each other.

My printer is on, but when I try to print, nothing happens.

There are several possible causes for the printer not printing, including not being connected to the computer using the USB cable, the drivers not being installed on the computer, the print spooler being paused, and more. In some instances, printing can be restricted by company IT policy. If you're having issues with your printer printing, please contact our Technical Support team.