5S Red Tags


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5S Red Tags

  • 100 tags per pack
  • Made from durable card stock
  • Features all fields required for red tag information
  • Dimensions: 3" W x 6.25" H 
  • Durable dual-wire tie pre-installed on each tag

Use these 5S Red Tags to mark items that may need to be removed or relocated from the workspace. Ideal for use during the Sort phase of a 5S initiative, these can be used for when you go through all items in an area to determine what's regularly used and what can be eliminated. These vibrant red tags are easy to see in close or far distances, and can be installed quickly with their included wire ties. Red tagged items can be moved to a designated area, also known as "red tag area" until further instruction of what you'd like to do with them is determined; if after a certain amount of time  it is determined that the items are not needed or necessary, the items can be recycled, donated, or transferred to a different department. 

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