LabelMax™ 2.4" Wide Premium Print Ribbon for 300X Printers

Viscom IndustrialSKU: V201R-24

Color: Black
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LabelMax™ 2.4" Wide Premium Print Ribbon

To enhance durability and quality of all signs, all LabelMax™ printers use a high quality, industrial-grade thermal transfer print ribbon. This process ensures the product will not fade, smudge, or smear in the face of UV light, chemicals, weather, or moisture. Our most popular option, this product provides exceptional protection against the hazards in a harsh setting.



  • Durability: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Resistant to: UV light, Chemicals, Weather, Moisture, Smudge
  • Lifespan: 10+ years
  • Lengths: 984'
  • Specialty: OSHA Safety & Compliance ID, Pipe marking, Arc flash, Hazcom-GHS, Barcode, and Workplace labeling

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