Viscom™ Ammonia Pipe Bands Bundle

Viscom™SKU: VI-AMMPK-Y-1

Size: 1" - 800 Total Bands
Color: Yellow "LIQ" (for Orange Ammonia Labels)
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Viscom Ammonia Pipe Bands

Ammonia pipe markers communicate the contents within certain pipes in the workplace. A few of the benefits include the prevention of hazards, injuries, fines, and much more. Labeling ammonia pipes can be difficult, especially when trying to follow best practice standards. Requirements are put in place, indicating the need to identify ammonia labels with bands that clearly convey the physical state (vapor "VAP" or liquid "LIQ") and pressure level (low "LOW" and high "HIGH"), and these bands allow users to do just that.

These versatile pre-printed bands (stickers) give users the ability to fully customize ammonia labels and comply with color requirements. Simply print your ammonia label and select the necessary bands in correlation to the physical state and pressure level, then simply peel n' stick to your label. 

Note: Liquid "LIQ" comes in orange or yellow options.


  • Bundle includes High, Low, Liquid, and Vapor stickers.
  • Stickers made using industrial Viscom Premium Indoor/Outdoor vinyl
  • Resistant to UV, Chemicals, Moisture exposure
  • Available in sizes to accommodate 1”, 2”, 3”, and 4” sizes 

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