Viscom™ Marine Label Supply for 300X Printers

Viscom IndustrialSKU: V0501MN

Color: White
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Viscom™ Marine Label Supply 

Viscom Marine Supply is an ocean warrior when it comes to saltwater resistance. This robust vinyl label material gives you the ability to print fully customized labels from scratch for safety ID and organization in marine environments. Created to withstand the unforgiving wear from usage on vessels and other locations where saltwater presents itself, these multi-year labels will hold up to wet environments. Designed for labeling applications such as marine containers and drums, pipe marking on marine vessels, and OSHA-compliant signage. This industrial-grade, high quality vinyl material makes labels that are rated to last more than seven years outdoors and even longer indoors. The highly sticky, permanent adhesive backing ensures your visual communication stays in place but won’t leave any residue upon removal.



Outdoor Life Rating up to 10 years
Optimal Temp. Range -60° to 230°
Min. Application Temp. 42°
Thickness 2.4 mil

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