Viscom™ BS 5609 Compliant Label Supply

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Viscom™ BS 5609 Compliant Label Supply

The British Standard (BS) 5609 establishes test methods and requirements that self-adhesive drum labels must meet in order to be certified with merchant shipping regulations. In other words, when chemicals are shipped overseas, the labels on drums that identify the hazardous chemicals in each drum/container are required to meet certain criteria to ensure labels won't deteriorate in transit. The most common requirement states that a label submerged in the English Channel must be able to withstand 90 days of submersion and still be legible afterward. If you are required to adhere to this standard for your application, Viscom's BS 5609 Compliant Label Supply is your go-to solution for meeting the requirements of this unique standard. This supply is comprised of material that can withstand consistent exposure to saltwater and other conditions of a harsh marine  environment.

This material can be used to label barrels, drums, packages, as well as be used for a variety of other applications facilities may need if they are shipping products to or are  located near the ocean. BS 5609 Compliant Label Supply ensures that you’ll stay in compliance and also be able to print customized labels on-demand. 


BS 5609
Optimal Temp. Range -50°F to 320°F
Min. Application Temp. 32°F
Thickness 2 mil

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